Commercial Window Film Protects North Eastern Businesses

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small, independent business or a big corporation in the Jacksonville or surrounding areas – your bottom line matters. Using Vista™ By LLumar® commercial window film to reduce up to 75% of solar heat gain, Solar Shade Window Tint of Jacksonville helps control overall operating costs by balancing building temperatures and reducing the load on HVAC systems. This high-end commercial window tint delivers up to 7 times the energy efficiency per $1 invested vs. new windows, saving both money and energy, all while enhancing the look of your building and increasing privacy and security. In fact, Vista window film delivers payback in within three years on average. Who doesn’t want a big payback year after year?

With Vista™ commercial window tint for businesses installed by Solar Shade Window Tint of Jacksonville, you can save significantly on energy costs, maintain a more comfortable and productive environment, and improve your building’s exterior appearance.

Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

  • Increased energy efficiency LEED-certified commercial window tint reduces solar heat gain by 75% dropping your energy costs by up to 15%, and keeping your tenants more comfortable. Vista commercial window tinting can help your building qualify for up to 9 points in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) sustainable building certification.
  • Improved productivity Window film lets in the natural light and views employees need to be productive, but blocks 87% of the glare that can affect their computer work and comfort.
  • UV protection Vista commercial UV window film filters out up to 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays, helping to protect investments that you’ve already made on interior furnishings and merchandise, as well as protect building occupants from sun damage.
  • Stylish appearance Available in a variety of shades and opacities, commercial window film can complement the aesthetics of your building, creating a uniform look from every angle.
  • Enhanced safety Virtually invisible, yet highly durable, window film offers protection against break-ins, easily washes away graffiti and even holds windows in place during severe weather to shield occupants from flying glass.

Use our LLumar commercial window film visualizer to see how our shade options can protect your facility from the elements.

Commercial Window Film Visualizer

Vista™ Window Film By LLumar® includes a limited lifetime warranty to guard you in the event of breakage. In addition, your business may qualify for cash rebates if you install solar control window film.

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